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Gugafit & Cardiff City FC

Gugafit & Cardiff City FC


Over the last two weeks, Gugafit has been delivering our 'Making Healthy a Habit' project in schools around South Wales. 

Working in partnership with Cardiff City FC we have helped over 2000 children to Get Up, Get Active. All of this has been made possible due to the generous sponsorship of Captain of Cardiff City FC, Mark Hudson. Mark helped fund the project for the first batch of schools as he is a firm believer in working with children from an early age, before they develop those bad habits we are continually reading about in the media.

Seven schools signed up to our new "Making Healthy a Habit' project which has been developed to help whole school communities to lead a healthier lifestyle. The project includes activity workshops for the whole school, young leader training, t-shirts, badges and other exciting resources.

Andrew Cudd, PE Co-Ordinator at Fairfield Primary School had this to say about our visit - 

Just to let you know that GUGAFIT has been received extremely well by everyone at the school. We've set up a GUGAFIT Council involving our Young Leaders and others from Year 6. We have added GUGAFIT videos to our school website and Youtube page and we are starting up a GUGAFIT after school club this week which our Young Leaders are going to help to run. We are also getting underway with our half termly class target in which pupils much complete 60 tuck jumps everyday and have a GUGAFIT active zone on the playground where our Young Leaders set the junior school a weekly exercise target!

This is just the beginning, we plan to continue and indeed expand our partnership with Mark and Cardiff FC and role out the 'Making Healthy a Habit' project to schools throughout Wales.

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